Download these free resources to get started!

Traditional Resume Template

This traditional template offers maximum flexibility to highlight educational and work related credentials while ensuring compatibility with resume reading software.

Classic Resume Template

This classic template has a clean look and offers flexibility in highlighting educational experience, internships, volunteer work, and organizational leadership.

Student and Recent Grad Resume Template

This template highlights recent experience as well as educational credentials. Great for a current student or recent graduate with internship experience, volunteer work, and student club leadership!

Professional Resume Template

This modern template shows off experience of all kinds and provides flexible space for work history, leadership, educational, and other credentials.

Career Action Plan

Work your way through this step by step guide to starting the job search.

Interests Worksheet

Use this assessment to identify interests that align with your future goals and career path.

Values Worksheet

Use this assessment to identify the work-related values that are most important to you.

Skills Worksheet

Use this assessment to see how your skills match up with what employers want.

Accomplishments Worksheet

Use this assessment to analyze past accomplishments and reflect on what's important to you.

Elevator Pitch Worksheet

An important part of personal branding is creating a professional introduction, often known as an “elevator pitch.”

Interviewing Worksheet

Ace your next interview by anticipating questions and having the answers employers want to hear.

Wheel of Life Worksheet

The Wheel of Life is a simple visual assessment of your level of satisfaction across a variety of domains in your life.