See how we can help

Career Assessments

A career assessment can help you figure out what to do that’s going to make you happy and excited about going to work.

Resume Writing

A strong resume will showcase your skills, make you stand out, and beat applicant tracking systems.

LinkedIn Assistance

Millions of people are on LinkedIn and you need to be one of them! Stand out with a strong profile and use this powerful tool to find opportunities.

Networking Coaching

Learn job search strategies that will connect you with the companies you want and help you find the best opportunities.

Interview Preparation

Make the most of that interview you just landed by knowing what questions to expect what answers they want to hear.

Grad School Assistance

Some of the best jobs require further education. Maximize your chances of getting into the school you want with our grad school application tips.

Life Coaching

Find the right balance between your work life and your personal life. Address the issues that arise where these two parts of your life come together.

Salary Negotiation

Get paid what you’re worth. Learn how to negotiate the salary and benefits you deserve.


procoastal offers services on a sliding scale. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and determine a payment option that works for you.